Alberto HD-Triathlete

Many things can go wrong in an Ironman, nutrition is not one anymore. After finishing an Ironman 70.3 race where I had to go to the bathroom several times I decided that I had to start paying attention to nutrition during races. I contacted seeking help for my first IM nutrition plan, not only for race day but also to improve my daily habits. Nutrition was the biggest unknown on my first Ironman race, nutrition plan had worked during training days but race day can always bring surprises. My first Ironman went great, no bathroom stops, not even stomach cramps. I have kept working with Isabelle and I have completed to date 4 Ironmans (including 1 Kona) with no bathrooms stops or any performance decrease due to nutrition problems. Furthermore not only nutrition is not a concern anymore but we have used it to improve my performance during training and racing.