Jen C – Triathlete

Thanks for all your great nutrition counsel! The devil is in the details for sure. Most of us athletes have heard a lot about what we should be doing, but I guess not many know how to actually apply it to our individual situations, other than trial and error. It’s hard to isolate the factors so what I found over the years was mostly error….never cracking the code. You helped me with your “code” cracking and helping me stay accountable.

The result of our work this past year was four minutes and 22 seconds improvement over my last PR at the half iron distance. And, the day was windier on the bike than usual, so the improvement was actually greater.

We trained my body for better metabolic efficiency and overall I ate less and felt better. Oh, and I did I add that although it wasn’t my goal, I lost weight and became leaner to be meaner for the race!! Thanks!