Erika G – Triathlete

I worked with Isabelle in January 2016. I have struggled with gastro-intestinal (GI) issues at 70.3 and 140.6 events. In working with Isabelle I learned easy way to incorporate more protein and real foods into my diet and moving away from processed foods during the day and Gu during my races. I also took the metabolic test which was life changing. We learned I am a great fat burner and did not need nearly the calories I had been consuming during training and races. I have moved to only taking on about 180 calories on the bike and this seems to resolved my GI issues on the run. In addition, I think all her nutritional support this past year has helped me to reach my first two podium finishes in Olympic Triathlon races!  I am excited to prepare for my next 140.6 with all my new knowledge from Isabelle!