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Can We All Make Peace Now?

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Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you the best in the new year to come. For this first blog of 2018, I would like to reflect on diet wars. People can get really passionate about what they eat! A survey has even shown that people would move country, stop smoking or drinking for love, but not change the way they eat. How strong is that!

Here is a debate which shows how strongly people can believe in something. On one side you have the vegans from the very popular documentary “What the Health” on the other side, you have the omnivore, low-carb or paleo folks. When you look at how strongly each side believes in what they are saying, you have to wonder. The more so because these people are nutrition experts and doctors. One side truly believes that vegan is the way to go while the other side believe that meat and eggs are part of a healthy diet and carbohydrate are the culprit to most modern disease. It is quite entertaining to watch. But who to believe? It can get really confusing. Is meat bad or is it not? Is a plant based diet bad for you or the miracle cure? Let’s look at some of the idea debated.