Metabolic Efficiency Training and Race Nutrition Plan: Package of 5 Consultations

This is the best package if you are looking to improve metabolic efficiency, body composition or dial in your race nutrition plan. Being more metabolically efficient means that your body will burn more fat during physical activity and will be less reliant on carbohydrate in order to perform optimally. Imagine running a marathon or racing a triathlon with just the right amount of nutrition optimized for you. Bonking and GI distress will be a thing of the past. We call this performance nutrition.
This package is individually tailored for each athlete based on their goals, whether they be improved health, improved race day performance and/or improved body composition. It includes the following:

  • 60 minute phone consultation to¬†address your specific questions
  • Summary report by email
  • One follow-up e-mail to fine-tune recommendations and address remaining questions.
  • Curated recipes
  • Bonus free nutrition analysis ($100 value)

The cost is $600.

Note: this service does not include the metabolic efficiency test. A Metabolic Efficiency test must either be conducted by staff (see below) or a client must have ideally a test result from within the last 6 months in order to sign up for this program. We can discuss during the first information call.

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