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What is a Performance Nutritionist

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What is in Cavendish recovery shake…

I have heard it all from endurance athletes:

“I felt great on the bike but then my stomach started bothering me on the run”

“I totally bonked”

“I had to stop at the porta-potty five times”

“I did not feel like eating at all”

“I had never tried that bar before and it was disgusting”

“I had to slow down because of a cramp”

“I bought Dura-Ace components so it could save me a pound of weight”

“I was light-headed and ended up in the medical tent”

“I missed my goal by 2 seconds”

“I’m tired all the time!”

Do some of those sound familiar to you too?

Whether it is gastro-intestinal issues, blood sugar imbalance, body composition goals, training adaptations optimization, this is what a Performance Nutritionist, like me,  can help you with.

Often athletes focus on the followings first and foremost:

-They hire a coach (useful!)

-Buy a good bike, good shoes and/or wetsuit as light and fast as possible ($$$)

-Train hard (a must)

-Race (of course)

-Do fairly  well (congrats),

-And repeat…

Until GI distress, fatigue, training plateaus and other issues come in the way.  Isn’t there something missing here? What about your BODY, also called your engine? Shouldn’t you start with first making sure you are healthy and ready, before entering in the realm of endurance events?

This is what I do:

-Make sure you are going to be your healthiest self. I use the Metabolic Efficiency principles to help your body burn more fat as you become less reliant on carbohydrates. This leads to better long term health management, improved body composition, reduced inflammation and faster recoveries. To know about Metabolic Efficiency, check out my blog here and this website.

-Make sure that you are properly fueled for training and racing, so you get the most training adaptations and have your body ready for race day.

-Make sure that you get the right supplements, backed up by science, to complement your daily nutrition if need be, to help you recover better and give you an edge too!

Please contact me to know more about my services. We’ll get you to the finish line at your best!

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