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Trail Sushi

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I’m on my way to Ironman soon, and my training is definitely ramping up. While Bonkbreakers with protein have been one of my favorite staples as it is available during Ironman races, I am just getting tired of them.  So I’ve been looking around for some homemade alternatives. A while ago,  I found this book called the Feed Zone Portables, it contains recipes for excellent hand size snacks that you can put in your pocket for the long ride or run. Even though they taste good, I find that these portables are in general too big and too dense in carbohydrates. I really don’t want to spike my blood sugar because I don’t want to blunt fat burning during long outings. Also most of them need to be wrapped and that provides a challenge during the ride as I’m not very good at letting go of my handlebars… So what would be a  small portable yummy snack that has just the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats? I came up with the Trail Sushi.
Here is the recipe for one whole roll (8 servings):
1 bamboo mat (to roll the sushi)
1 nori sheet (I like this one)
1/4 cup uncooked sushi rice (I like this one)
10 g of vanilla whey protein (I like this one)
2 tsp of grass-fed gelatin (I like this one)
4 tbsp of full fat coconut milk (I like this one)
2 tbsp almond butter
2 tsp honey
First cook the rice in a rice cooker or as directed on the package. Cooking 1/4 cup of rice is not always optimal so you might want to cook more in one time for making multiple rolls. Once cooked, wait until it cools down a bit and then spread it on your nori sheet like this. It is OK if it does not cover everything.
Photo May 21, 10 53 28 AM
Mix 2 tbsp of coconut milk with the almond butter, honey and whey protein in a small bowl.
Mix the other 2 tbsp of coconut milk with the gelatin in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave until it gets hot, not necessarily boiling. That should take less than 30 sec. depending on your microwave. Once heated, stir the mixture until the gelatin is dissolved.
Mix the gelatin mixture with the almond butter mixture quickly to make a paste. Then you want to spread this mixture over half the rice in a layer, but don’t wait too long as it tends to thicken as it cools down. Now you are ready to roll your sushi.  Once the roll is done,  put it in the fridge for an hour before cutting it into 8 pieces. Always cut starting in the middle, it is easier. There you go!
 Photo May 21, 10 57 25 AM
Photo May 21, 10 58 22 AM
Photo May 21, 11 00 25 AM
For each piece of an 8 servings roll, you have 72 kcal with 7g of carbohydrate, mostly high glycemic rice starch with a bit of fructose to maximize carbohydrate absorption, 3 g of protein comprising lots of good amino acids to stave off fatigue and prevent muscle breakdown and 4 g of good fats as an excellent energy source when the ride/run is looong. Also you have the benefit of the nori sheet which contains iodine, good for thyroid function and the gelatin which keeps your joints healthy!
I hope you like it!
Photo May 17, 6 50 10 PM
PS: Still working on my sushi rolling skills!


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