Athletes spend thousands on gear and gimmicks to help them shave seconds off of their race times but spend little to nothing on understanding the fueling needs of their bodies to achieve peak performance on race day. applies the latest in sports nutrition science to help athletes reach their goals.

  • Alberto HD-Triathlete

    Many things can go wrong in an Ironman, nutrition is not one anymore. After finishing an Ironman 70.3 race where I had to go to the bathroom several times I decided that I had to start paying attention to nutrition during races. I contacted seeking help for my first IM nutrition plan, not only for race day but also to improve my daily habits. Nutrition was the biggest unknown on my first Ironman race, nutrition plan had worked during training days but race day can always bring surprises. My first Ironman went great, no bathroom stops, not even stomach cramps. I have kept working with Isabelle and I have completed to date 4 Ironmans (including 1 Kona) with no bathrooms stops or any performance decrease due to nutrition problems. Furthermore not only nutrition is not a concern anymore but we have used it to improve my performance during training and racing.

    Alberto HD-Triathlete
  • Nancy S -Rower

    When I sought services from Isabelle, I had 3 goals/concerns in mind:  to obtain assistance with what to eat before and after training days, competitions and rest days, to loose body fat and to break what I considered my addiction to sugar.  Not only did Isabelle help me reach those goals and answer my questions, she also assisted me in multiple ways that I didn’t even imagine…from having my PCP do lab work and identifying some deficiencies to even helping me improve my young daughter’s nutrition.  Isabelle is so easy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and able to assist with problem solving and road plateaus.  And not to mention, she walks the talk for her own competitions.  An inspiration.  I would recommend her services to anyone, and have done so! Photo courtesy:

    Nancy S -Rower
  • Erika G – Triathlete, Runner

    I worked with Isabelle in January 2016. I have struggled with gastro-intestinal (GI) issues at 70.3 and 140.6 events. In working with Isabelle I learned easy way to incorporate more protein and real foods into my diet and moving away from processed foods during the day and Gu during my races. I also took the metabolic test which was life changing. We learned I am a great fat burner and did not need nearly the calories I had been consuming during training and races. I have moved to only taking on about 180 calories on the bike and this seems to resolved my GI issues on the run. In addition, I think all her nutritional support this past year has helped me to reach my first two podium finishes in Olympic Triathlon races! I am excited to prepare for my next 140.6 with all my new knowledge from Isabelle!

    Erika G – Triathlete, Runner
  • Jeff L-Triathlete

    Before working with Isabelle at, I was a dietary train wreck in all capacities of eating, not just performance eating. She has not only corrected my unhealthy habits but provided a non-cookie cutter way (no pun intended) for me that has lead to improved race results especially in the long course.

    Jeff L-Triathlete
  • Jen C – Triathlete

    Thanks for all your great nutrition counsel! The devil is in the details for sure. Most of us athletes have heard a lot about what we should be doing, but I guess not many know how to actually apply it to our individual situations, other than trial and error. It’s hard to isolate the factors so what I found over the years was mostly error….never cracking the code. You helped me with your “code” cracking and helping me stay accountable.

    Jen C – Triathlete